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Moorea Mahana Yacht Services

Superyacht support agency, your very best choice when visiting The Island of Moorea (French Polynesia). Contact us to find out why we are the best Moorea’s experts for your yacht visit.

Mateata Ruta

Founder & CEO of Moorea Mahana Yacht Services

Every great adventure starts with an origin story. Ours begins with the evolution of a young independent, strong Polynesian woman.

Mateata Ruta, Founder & CEO of Moorea Mahana Yacht Services

Growing up in Tahiti, on the island of Mo’orea, she was raised in a fiercely proud Tahitian family whose businesses included a tour/travel company. Growing up and working on the water while meeting people from all around the globe served as the foundation for her business sense. It also stoked that ever present desire to travel the world, much like her ocean going ancestors.

At 15 years of age she was awe struck by a superyacht sailing into the waters of Mo’orea. She promised herself she would sail the oceans and follow her ancestors path.

After leaving grade school she began putting her plan in motion. She attended studies for international business in France. Our young friend then returned to Tahiti with the intent to follow her passion of yachting. She attended maritime school in Tahiti earning her captains tickets. In 2013, she began to work aboard superyachts throughout the South Pacific. She sailed French Polynesia to Tonga to Fiji to New Zealand and all parts in between. She also spent some time in European waters and in the Mediterranean Sea. During her many voyages she worked her way up to officer.

In 2019 she came home to Mo’orea. With education, training, true maritime experience and the proper certifications under her belt it was now time for her true life mission. That mission is to promote her beloved islands, employ local people, and support the yachting industry in Tahiti.

An example of her detail oriented approach to things is the business logo. It is a beautiful summation of her vision. It includes the famously photographed Mo’orea mountain Mou’a Roa. It is a symbol of the proud Tahitian people. There is the sun (Mahana in Tahitian) a symbol near and dear, but also the designed yacht she initially worked aboard. Finally, a marquesian symbol, one of her origins too. The Marquesian cross meaning illustrates the balance of all elements: air, water, fire and earth. A reflection of the balance she brings to her business-knowledge, skills, experience, and passion. Not to mention a fresh, positive, and energetic spirit.

The aforementioned young, strong willed, 15 years old Tahitian girl who dared to dream of sailing the oceans as her ancestors did is Mateata RUTA. She is the founder and sole proprietor of Moorea Mahana Yacht Services. There could be no better ambassador for Tahiti to the yachting world. Her adventure and mission at Moorea Mahana Yacht Services is supporting your adventure. She and her staff look forward to working with you, and sharing these one of a kind islands and people with you.

Welcome aboard!